Why Filippov Fitness?


FilippovFitness only succeeds when you succeed.

Whether you want to improve your general health, lose weight, bulk up, improve your sports performance, or complete an Ironman, FilippovFitness will make sure you get there.


Committed to Your Success
Through personalized programming, one-on-one coaching, ongoing fitness assessments, and nutritional guidelines, FilippovFitness makes sure you are on the right track to success


Stay focused on your workouts and be motivated to reach beyond your limits. FilippovFitness has a way of bringing out the best in each client

Adapts to Individual Needs of each Client
Everyone is unique. Each client has their own set of strengths and weaknesses. FilippovFitness is able to strengthen your weaknesses and maximize your strengths

Detail Oriented
You will receive ongoing education on exercise techniques, correct stretching and posture. Understanding the “Why” is just as import as the “How”

Have Fun
You will look forward to working out and making a commitment to your fitness goals and good health


Training with Passion
FilippovFitness will keep you engaged and focused on your workout, ensuring you get the most out of your training session!

FilippovFitness wants you to succeed and will make sure that the effort you are putting in will result in the goals you have set out to accomplish