Super Sandbag Training (SST) is the most powerful hour of group fitness. Get ready to engage all your muscles simultaneously with exercises that are unique, functional, and fun. The design of the sandbag allows you to preform new and effective workouts. Combine this with top notch programming, upbeat music, encouraging instructors and you’ve got a class that will take your fitness to a whole new level.

What is unique about Super Sandbag training is that it encompasses all components of fitness to provide the ultimate workout experience. You will feel yourself progress with each and every class. Everyone can participate because you start with a bag weight that is right for you and work your way up. Performing exercises at your own pace means you set your own bar.

Working with a sandbag brings an element to this class which cannot be matched by any other group fitness class in the market today. The Sandbag is safe to use. Its instability and ability to transform shape during movements makes it functional training at its finest. Having to constantly stabilize yourself will work you from head to toe.

Benefits of Super Sandbag Training

Increase your Strength
With SST you will gain strength fast. Muscles are continuously engaged with every exercise as the instability of the Sandbag plays havoc with your muscles. Exercise progressions are programmed. Combine this with the choice of using different weighted sandbags and you will be challenged with each and every workout.


Increase your Power
Adding acceleration and deceleration to a bag filled with sand in conjunction with the body moving in different planes of axis will give you the maximal exertion during explosive bursts of movement.


Cardiovascular conditioning
Get blood to your working muscles faster. This type of training, and its unique programming, is designed to condition your heart, both aerobically and anaerobically.


Perfect your Balance
It’s a component which is often neglected in group fitness classes but a natural progression with Super Sandbag Training. Improving your core and stabilizers will help you perfect your balance and programmed exercise progressions will help you gain control over your body positioning, regardless if you are stationary or in motion.


Increase your Flexibility
True functional training cannot omit for the need to maximize the range of motion in any given movement. Super Sandbag Training results in increased flexibility because of its unique programming.

Train with Agility
Super Sandbag Training incorporates agility movements such as zigzags, hops, and cuts to ensure your agility improves.


Perfect your Posture
Exercises like the Superstar align your spine optimally and activates the proper muscle to fire, ensuring your posture is no longer compromised. This is most beneficial to those with rounded shoulders and excessive pelvic tilt. Using the sandbag, while preforming certain exercises, trains your body to move with good posture.


Work the Stabilizers
Stabilizers support the body’s joints which aid in the prevention of injuries. When we don’t train our stabilizers, they become weak and cannot support the joints properly. No other fitness apparatus in the market promotes more stabilizers to be active than the sandbag.


Develop your Core
Using a sandbag demands more of your core naturally and as a result, you will see and feel the difference of increased core stability and strength.


Trim Excess Fat
Using a sandbag functionally in a high energy group fitness class, which is programmed for progression and engages all your powers and incorporates all components of fitness, will trim excess fat!


No two classes are alike. You will always get a variety of exercises as Sandbag training offers hundreds of standalone and fluid combination drills which are both challenging and fun.

Join this exclusive class and let Super Sandbag Training take your fitness to a whole new level.